Forklift Forks & Fork Attachments

Forklift Forks For Sale

Forklift forks are manufactured to ITA specifications and are made to meet the highest of quality standards.

All forged forklift forks are manufactured in pairs, assuring you that every set of forks you purchase will be even in tip thickness and blade height. A locking pin kit comes standard on each forklift replacement fork to keep blade in place on lift truck.

Available in Class 2 or Class 3 mount, forged forklift forks are available in lengths up to 96”. We have over 300 forks in stock ready to ship!

If you need special forks, such as block, lumber, Class 4 or shaft mount forks, we have those too! We also modify forks – call us or email us with your forklift lifting attachment needs.


Featured Forks Category

The Most Popular Product Categories of Our Forklift Truck Spare Parts – Forklift Forks & Tines.

Heavy duty forklift truck forks and tines. Made from quality steel, in any size, variation or any class. Classes including 2, 3 and 4.

ITA Forks

ITA Hook-Type Forklift Forks are the Industry Standard. Often referred to as Forklift Blades or Forklift Tines. The majority of light duty Forklifts are ITA Class II, II, or IV. This type of Fork hangs on your carriage using opposing “hooks” that engage the upper and lower fork bars on standard ITA Carriages.

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FTP Forks

Full Taper Forks (FTP) Often referred to as Lumber Forks or Plywood Forks, these fork tines are different than standard taper forks in the sense that the taper starts near the heel and continues all the way to the the tip of the fork.

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Shaft Mounted Forks

Shaft Mounted Forks – Pin Type Forks mount to the carriage using a high strength steel “pin” across the top of the carriage. There is no “standard” for the pin diameter, back height, or pin offset. Each set of Pin Type Forks is a custom fabrication.

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Blank Forks

JOYEAR premium grade Blank Forks are sold without a suspension system as a cost-effective solution for individuals or companies with fabrication capabilities. All forks are made of a premium steel blend and fully heat treated.

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