Spare Parts Forklift Forks for Sale

Part No. JF12550220
Weight    127 KG
Fork Width 125 mm
Fork Thickness  50 mm
Fork Length 2.20 M
Capacity 3.5 T
Replacement Brand  Custom Logo
Product name: Forklift Forks
Material: Steel
Customized Size: Yes
Operation Manual: Yes
Painting Color: All Colors Are Available
Packing Normal Wood pallet and special package according to your requirements


Product Description

Spare Parts Forklift Forks for Sale JF12550220, 3.5T Capacity ITA Class III Forklift Forks Replacement Brand Spare Parts, Standard ITA/FEM Forklift Forks Blades Tines, Hook Type Pin Type ITA Mounting Forklift Attachment Forkleg Forklift fork with CE, ISO, Material Handling Equipment Spare Parts Attachment fork arm for forklift China supplier and factory

Spare Parts Forklift Forks for Sale, Material Handling Equipment Parts, Standard ITA Forklift Fork Class ISO 3A 3.5T Capacity Item No. JF12550220
Standard ITA Forklift Spare Parts Forks are the most common forklift forks among the material handling industries. ITA clips make it easy to position and secure forks directly to a frame or carriage. All forks meet or exceed all ISO 2330 Standards and ANSI/ITSDF B56.11.4 Standards as provided by the Industrial Truck Association.

We can supply different types forks,such as shaft fork,blank fork,standard fork etc
Mount class :2A,2B,3A,3B,4A,4B
Material: 33Mncr.
Fork length : 900mm-2440mm
Customized also available

Although the general anatomy of forklifts might be standard, there are many different types of forks to suit your operational needs. Forks are selected based on vehicle model, purpose, and application. Types of forklift forks include:

Pin and Bar Type Forks – Fit onto the carriage with a locking mechanism that secures the fork to the actual vehicle.
Drum-Handling Forks – Groove cut out to safely carry and load drums of liquid, like oil or water.  3.5Ton Capacity Class 3A Forklift Fork
Coil-Handling Forks – Forks with beveled edges provide a safe and secure resting spot for coils during load transport.
Explosion-Proof Forks – Forks clad in at least two-millimeter-thick stainless steel to prevent spark or explosion in dangerous environments.
Food Production Industry Forks – Forks explicitly used for food service or production venues. Generally coated in stainless steel and require routine deep cleaning.
Different forks are available for unique jobs, including anti-slip forks, block forks, folding forks, fully tapered forks, offset and inset forks, and lumber forks. So, if you’re looking for the right utensil for your job, the professionals at Apex have your fork.  3 Ton Capacity Forklift Fork
Heel Thickness – ISO standards dictate that forks’ heel thickness is not less than 10 percent of its original heel thickness; once it goes below 90 percent, it’s time to replace the fork.Spare Parts Forklift Forks for Sale ISO/CE/SGS Certificate Forklift Double Fork
Fork Bend – Set a go/no gauge to a 90-angle and set it on top of the forks. If the gauge maintains a 90-degree, there is no or minimal bend to the fork.
Difference in the height of Fork Tips: if the difference in tip heights exceed 3% of the length of the blade, the set of forks should be taken out of service.

Standard forklift forks specification:

Load capacity Size(T*W mm) Material Height (mm) Length
1T 2A 32*100 40Cr 540 any length you want
1.5T  2A 35*100  40Cr 540 any length you want
2.5T 3A 45*100 40Cr 655 any length you want
3T 3A 45*122 40Cr 655 any length you want
3.5T-4T 3A 50*122 40Cr 655 any length you want
4.5T 3A 50*150 40Cr 655 any length you want
5T 4A 50*150 15B37 845  any length you want
6T 4A 60*150 15B37 845 any length you want
7T 4A 65*150 15B37 845 any lenght you want
8T 4A 75*150 15B37 845 any length you want

Cross Section Size: 25x76mm; 50x50mm; 32x100mm… 250x500mm, Length from 600mm to 4500mm.
(Note: these are some part of the specification we could produce, not all) Class 3A Load Capacities Forklift Long Fork

Forklift spare parts/2,3ton forklift forks Telescopic Forklift Fork Loading 3.5T Capacity Forklift Fork
Quality: ISO, CE and 1 millions loading test certificate Low Price Forklift Attachment Forks
Made according to ISO2328-2007 and the EN12100-1: 2003 standard Load 3.5 Ton Standard Pallet Fork
3times overload on EACH fork guarantee “No Break; No False Welding”  Spare Parts Forklift Forks for Sale
Each single forklift fork has passed hardness test and crack test( magnetic powder test in dark room)
Clear Stamping at the shank side with production date and series number, 40CR
The forged heel section is 38% thicker than the fork thickness dimension
Excellent surface, griding and shot blast processure provides better surface and painting base

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