Quality ITA Class II Fork JF09030137

Part No. JF09030137
Weight    37 KG
Fork Width 90 mm
Fork Thickness  30 mm
Fork Length 1.37 M
Capacity 1.0 T
Replacement Brand  Custom Logo
Product name: Forklift Forks
Material: Steel
Customized Size: Yes
Operation Manual: Yes
Painting Color: All Colors Are Available
Packing Normal Wood pallet and special package according to your requirements


Product Description

Quality ITA Class II Fork JF09030137, 1 T Capacity ITA Class II Forklift Replacement Brand Spare Parts Forks, Standard ITA/FEM Forklift Forks, ITA Mounting Forklift Attachment Forkleg Forklift fork with CE, ISO, Material Handling Spare Parts Attachment fork arm for forklift China supplier, manufacturer and factory

Quality ITA Class II Fork JF09030137, Standard ITA Forklift Fork Class ISO 2A 1T Capacity Item No. JF09030137
Standard ITA Forklift Spare Parts Forks are the most common forklift forks among the material handling industries. ITA clips make it easy to position and secure forks directly to a frame or carriage. All forks meet or exceed all ISO 2330 Standards and ANSI/ITSDF B56.11.4 Standards as provided by the Industrial Truck Association.

We can supply different types forks,such as shaft fork,blank fork,standard fork etc
Mount class :2A,2B,3A,3B,4A,4B
Fork length :900mm-2440mm
Customized also available

 Standard ITA Classes II, III, IV, V
Styles Standard Taper
Inches Millimeters
1″ to 16″ 25 to 406 mm
Inches Millimeters
1″ to 6″ 25 to 152 mm
Inches Millimeters
Up to 192″ Up to 548.64 mm
Capacities per pair
at 24” (60.96 cm) load center;
3:1 safety factor
900lb. To 308,400 lb. 408 kg. To 142,130 ks.

Step 1 – Set Calipers
Set the front teeth of the caliper jaws by measuring the thickness of the shank of the fork. Ensure that the caliper is held square across the shank for an accurate measurement. The caliper is now set to measure heel of the fork.

STEP 2 – Check Blade Thickness
Position the jaws of the caliper over the flanks of the fork arm blade. If inside teeth of the caliper hit the fork it has less than 10% wear and 20% reduction capacity available.

STEP 3 – Check Fork Heel Angle
Open the calipers to approximately 90 degrees and place the calipers in the top inside heel area of the fork (on top of the blade).
Ensure that the two lower pieces on the horizontal leg are both touching the top of the blade. Standard ITA Class 2A Fork JF09030122
Move the calipers towards the upright. Ensure that the caliper arms are both parallel to the blade and to the upright.
Open or close the calipers so that the two similar extruding pieces on the vertical leg of the calipers both touch the upright & shank of the fork.
When all 4 points are simultaneously in contact with the fork remove the calipers and check the indicator marks at the hinge pin of the calipers. Standard ITA Forklift Fork JF09030107

Size Sheet of FEM / ITA Class 2 Forks

PART NO. Mounting Class
Loading Capacity
Width*Thickness(mm) Length(m) Weight (kg/piece)
JF07826092 2A 0.5T 78*26 0.92 22
JF07826107 1.07 24
JF07826122 1.22 27
JF07826137 1.37 29
JF07826152 1.52 32
JF09030092 1.0T 90*30 0.92 28
JF09030107 1.07 32
JF09030122 1.22 34
JF09030137 1.37 37
JF09030152 1.52 40
JF08040092 1.2T 80*40 0.92 32
JF08040107 1.07 36
JF08040122 1.22 40
JF08040137 1.37 43
JF08040152 1.52 48
JF10035092 1.5T 100*35 0.92 35
JF10035107 1.07 39
JF10035122 1.22 44
JF10035137 1.37 48
JF10035152 1.52 53
JF10040092 1.5T 100*40 0.92 40
JF10040107 1.07 45
JF10040122 1.22 50
JF10040137 1.37 54
JF10040152 1.52 59
JF12035092 1.5T 120*35 0.92 43
JF12035107 1.07 47
JF12035122 1.22 52
JF12035137 1.37 57
JF12035152 1.52 62
JF12040107 2T 120*40 1.07 54
JF12040122 1.22 59
JF12040137 1.37 64
JF12040152 1.52 70
JF12040167 1.67 76
JF12040182 1.82 82
JF12040200 2.00 88


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