Class IV Forklift Tine with European Standards

Part No. JF15070167
Weight    184 KG
Fork Width 150 mm
Fork Thickness  70 mm
Fork Length 1.67 M
Capacity   7 T
Replacement Brand  Custom Logo
Product name: Forklift Forks
Material: Steel
Customized Size: Yes
Operation Manual: Yes
Painting Color: All Colors Are Available
Packing Normal Wood pallet and special package according to your requirements


Product Description

Class IV Forklift Tine with European Standards JF15070167, 7.0T Capacity ITA Class IV Forklift Forks Replacement Brand Spare Parts, Standard ITA/FEM Forklift Forks Blades Tines, Forged Hook Type Pin Type ITA Mounting Forklift Attachment Forkleg Forklift fork tip teeth with CE, ISO, Material Handling Equipment Spare Parts Attachment Forklift Arms for All Types and Sizes China supplier and factory

Class IV Forklift Tine with European Standards for All Types and Sizes,, Standard ITA Forklift Fork Class ISO 4A 7T Capacity Item No. JF15070167
Standard ITA Forklift Spare Parts Forks are the most common forklift forks among the material handling industries. ITA clips make it easy to position and secure forks directly to a frame or carriage. All forks meet or exceed all ISO 2330 Standards and ANSI/ITSDF B56.11.4 Standards as provided by the Industrial Truck Association.

Additional Info
Packaging: seaworthy steel pallets
Productivity: 300000 pieces/year
Brand: Custom Logo
Transportation: Ocean
Place of Origin: Ningbo city, Zhejiang province, China
Supply Ability: 250000 pieces/month
Certificate: ISO/CE certificate
HS Code: 84312090
Port: Ningbo/ Shanghai

1.Only popular cross section are listed above.We can produce up to 450mm X180mm.
2.The max. length we make is 6000mm and max. back height is 2500mm.
3.Steel Certificated as:
Material: 40Cr–C%: 0.37-0.44; Si%: 0.17-0.37; Mn%: 0.5-0.80; Cr%: 0.80-1.1
Mechanical Specifications:
Tensile Strength: 935MPA/MM Reduction of Area R/A: 51%
Yield Strength: 805MPA/MM Impact Energy: 27J (-20oC-V)
Surface Hardness: 255-385HB Elongation: 12%
4.All forks comply with a minimum safety factor of 3:1.
5. We use “robot” welding to supply first class products.

There are five tell-tale signs of fork breakdown and deterioration to include in your routine inspection. When measuring wear and tear on your fork, look for cracks, bends, twists, damage to weld integrity, and wear and tear on the heel. Remember the following:
Heel Thickness – ISO standards dictate that forks’ heel thickness is not less than 10 percent of its original heel thickness; once it goes below 90 percent, it’s time to replace the fork. ISO European Standards FEM ITA Fork
Fork Bend – Set a go/no gauge to a 90-angle and set it on top of the forks. If the gauge maintains a 90-degree, there is no or minimal bend to the fork.
Difference in the height of Fork Tips: if the difference in tip heights exceed 3% of the length of the blade, the set of forks should be taken out of service.
Blade Thickness – A 10 percent decrease in thickness equates to a 20 percent decrease in load capacity. Measure the thickness of the shank. The shank does not usually wear down, so it’s a good measurement of the original thickness of the blade. Made in China ITA Load Handling Forks
Damaged or Bent Hooks – Check to see if calipers contact the hooks; replace them if they are.

Pallet Forks can be made to fit any front end loader or material handler. Adjustable forks are locked into place along the top of the main frame.
The pallet fork frame with pallet fork tines allow the machine to handle, load and move pallets of building material, drainage pipe, lumber, or loose items like sewer pipe easily around the uneven terrain of a construction site.
The visibility optimized forks give the operator a clear view to the ends of the tines. These tines increase precision, control and productivity.
Available for: L120H, L110H, L90H, L70H, L60H Quality Heat Treated ITA Forklift Forks
LUMBER FORKS, Forging Forklift Fork Price Wholesale
Thin and durable fork tines for handling the stacks of planks. With extended back rest enables the possibility to take several stacks at the same time

ISO Standard FORKS(mm) CARRIAGE(mm)
Class A,B M K A B C D
I 394/432 306 76/114 331 13 16
II 470/545 382 76/152 407 13 16
III 568/695 477 76/203 508 16 21.5
IV 743/870 598 127/254 635 19 25.5
V 830/960 680 127/257 728 25 34
Metric Market
Model Cross Section
Capacity*Load center
2A 80×40 1000*500
2A 100×30 750*500
2A 100×35 1000*500
2A 100×40 1250*500
2A 100×45 1500*500
2A 100×50 1650*500
2A 120×35 1000*500
2A 120×40 1500*500
3A 120×45 1500*500
3A 120×50 2450*500
3A 125×40 1500*500
3A 125×45 2000*500
3A 125×50 2500*500
3A 130×40 1500*500
3A 130×45 2000*500
3A 130×60 3000*500
3A 140×50 2700*500
4A 150×50 2500*600
4A 150×60 3500*600
4A 150×65 4000*600
4A 150×70 4500*600
4A 150×75 5000*600

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