Class 4A 1520mm Length Low Price Forklift Fork

Part No.  JF15060152
Weight    149 KG
Fork Width 150 mm
Fork Thickness  60 mm
Fork Length 1.52 M
Capacity   5 T
Replacement Brand  Custom Logo
Product name: Forklift Forks
Material: Steel
Customized Size: Yes
Operation Manual: Yes
Painting Color: All Colors Are Available
Packing Normal Wood pallet and special package according to your requirements


Product Description

Class 4A 1520mm Length Low Price Forklift ForkJF15060152, 5.0T Capacity ITA Class IV Forklift Forks Replacement Brand Spare Parts, Standard ITA/FEM Forklift Forks Blades Tines, Hook Type Pin Type ITA Mounting Forklift Attachment Forkleg Forklift fork tip teeth with CE, ISO, Material Handling Equipment Spare Parts Attachment fork arm for forklift China supplier and factory

Class 4A 1520mm Length Low Price Forklift Fork, Material Handling Equipment Parts, Standard ITA Forklift Fork Class ISO 4A 5T Capacity Item No. JF15060152
Standard ITA Forklift Spare Parts Forks are the most common forklift forks among the material handling industries. ITA clips make it easy to position and secure forks directly to a frame or carriage. All forks meet or exceed all ISO 2330 Standards and ANSI/ITSDF B56.11.4 Standards as provided by the Industrial Truck Association.

Additional Info
Packaging: seaworthy steel pallets
Productivity: 300000 pieces/year
Brand: Custom Logo
Transportation: Ocean
Place of Origin: Ningbo city, Zhejiang province, China
Supply Ability: 250000 pieces/month
Certificate: ISO/CE certificate
HS Code: 84312090
Port: Ningbo/ Shanghai

We can supply different types forks,such as shaft fork, blank fork, standard fork etc
Mount class :2A,2B,3A,3B,4A,4B
Material: 33Mncr.
Fork length : 900mm-2440mm
Customized also available

Forklift forks can also be referred to as blades or tines. Different styles of forks have specific rated load capacities to satisfy the requirements of each type of forklift. The individual components of a forklift fork are:
Tip – End of the blade — the first point of contact with loads at the insertion point. Standard Mount Fork for Forklift
Blade – Lower part of the L-shaped fork that supports loads during movement and carrying.
Shank – Upright support of the L-shape that supports the blade at the bottom. 4 Ton FEM Fork for Forklift Truck
Heel – Connection point between blade and shank of the fork. Spare Parts Forklift Forks for Sale
Hooks – Located on the upper and lower part of the shank to attach to the forklift. Low Price Forklift Fork
Pin Lock – Mechanism placed on the top hook used to change the positioning of forks once they’re on the vehicle carriage. Also known as locking pins and latch pins.
Taper – Point of the blade that makes it possible to pick up the load. There are several levels of taper thickness.  Forklift Attachment FEM Standard Hook Fork
Fork construction follows universally accepted production standards, including high-grade steel and alloys, comprehensive heat treatment, and automated welding of upper and lower hooks. ITA Class III Fork 4Ton Capacity

Don’t be a drag: The weight of your load is carried on the heel of your forklift. Protect the heels and don’t drag them. Dragging causes heat and wears away the metal. This will weaken the hardest working part of the fork and lead to cracks. Cracks can lead to breaks and dropped loads.

Don’t push or pry: Forks are make for lifting. Some forklift operators will occasionally use the forks on their forklifts to pry things open or push things along the floor. Don’t do it. Using your forks for anything other than what they’re made for can cause serious damage. Bent tips and uneven forks are sure signs that the forks are being used in ways they aren’t designed for. Class 3A Standard ITA Forklift Tine

Don’t overload: We all have our limitations, and so do your forks. Don’t lift loads that exceed your forklift’s maximum capacity. No only does that put stress on the forks and the entire forklift frame, it creates a dangerous instability situation. Get a bigger forklift if you need to lift heavier loads.

Let ’em down easy: Don’t let your forks hit the ground when bringing them down. Bring your loads down slowly and stop just before the forks hit the ground. Needless impact can cause cracks.

Work as a team: Always balance the load across both forks. Never try to lift anything with just one fork. Your forks are meant to be used as a team and share the load. Using just one can cause bending or cracking.
Standard forklift forks specification:

JF15060122 4A 5T 150*60 1.22 128
JF15060137 1.37 139
JF15060152 1.52 149
JF15060167 1.67 159
JF15060182 1.82 169
JF15060200 2.00 182
JF15065122 6T 150*65 1.22 138
JF15065137 1.37 150
JF15065152 1.52 161
JF15065167 1.67 172
JF15065182 1.82 184
JF15065200 2.00 197
JF15065220 2.20 212
JF15070122 7T 150*70 1.22 149
JF15070137 1.37 161
JF15070152 1.52 172
JF15070167 1.67 184
JF15070182 1.82 195
JF15070200 2.00 210
JF15070220 2.20 228
JF15070240 2.40 245
JF18070137 8T 180*70 1.37 194
JF18070152 1.52 209
JF18070167 1.67 224
JF18070182 1.82 238
JF18070200 2.00 256
JF18070220 2.20 275
JF18070240 2.40 294

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