ITA Class IV & V Forklift Forks (5T-10T), Forklift turck blades tines, ITA forks, material handling, Standard forks class 4, 5

ITA Hook-Type Forklift Forks are the Industry Standard. Often referred to as Forklift Blades or Forklift Tines. The majority of light duty Forklifts are ITA Class II, II, or IV. This type of Fork hangs on your carriage using opposing “hooks” that engage the upper and lower fork bars on standard ITA Carriages. China Supplier and Factory – JOYEAR keeps a very large inventory of standard and non-standard sizes at our facility in Ningbo, CHINA.

If the size you need isn’t listed ITA Class IV & V Forklift Forks below, give us a call or send us an email, odds are we either have it, or can get / make it quickly..


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