Forklift Forks, Extensions & Covers

We supply many types of forks to suit all makes of forklift, plant and attachments. A large range of forks is kept at all time. Specials are quickly made to order ‘in-house’. Please click here to request a quote.

Fork Extensions
Standard Fork Extensions
Heavy Duty Fork Extensions

Forklift Forks
We can supply all types of Forklift Forks. Our large stock of Quality Forks all feature a reinforced “Optima” heel. This is a thicker heel for longer life to suit all makes and models of forklift trucks in all lengths.

JOYEAR can deliver forks anywhere in the UK, direct to your truck on plain label if required. We can offer discounts for collected or bulk orders. Payment can be made by cash, debit or credit cards or cheque.

Plant Forks
We can supply all types of Plant Forks in all lengths. Unlike forklift forks, plant forks are all different, specific to each make and model of machine. Therefore, although we carry stock of the more popular plant forks, we are geared up to quickly make up ‘one off’ pairs of forks. Forklift Forks, Extensions & Covers

Forklift Attachment Forks
Forklift attachment forks are special to the attachment they are fitted to. Therefore, they can be very expensive and often several weeks availability. Over 25 years JOYEAR have made forks to fit most makes, models and types of forklift attachment. We hold a large stock of ‘Fork Blanks’ and can quickly meet your requirements at competitive prices. Forklift Forks, Extensions & Covers

Manutel Extending Forks
Manutel Standard Edition Manutel Slimline Edition

Manutel Extending Forks
Manutel Standard Edition
The manual telescopic Fork with well-tried pin locking

Very simple to fit and operate
Extension length is always within legal maximum length permitted
Simple locking by a removable locking pin
Standard ManuTel have retracted and extended positions, up to three additional length positions available as optional extras
Robust construction, suitable for indoor use and occasional outdoor use
Tried and tested for years in many industries
Very simple to maintain
Come with detailed documentation
Feature all the advantages of our Quality Forks

ISO European Standards FEM ITA Fork

Class Four Long Length Forklift Arm Fork

China Manufacturer Class 4A Hook Type Forklift Arm

Quality Heat Treated ITA Forklift Forks

ITA Class III Fork 4Ton Capacity

4 Ton Forklift Rotating Forks for Sale

4Ton Loading Pallet Crane Forklift Forks

Supply Replacement Forklift Arms for All Types and Sizes