Lumber Forks or Full-Tapered Forks or Full-Taper and Polished Forks are made with a typical maximum thickness of 1.5 inches and in various widths, depending on the load weight. They are all made as full bottom taper forks, meaning the taper runs from the tip , back to approx. 2 inches from the bend. The top of the blade is polished, unpainted, for ease of entry and exit. Tips are thin with a top chamfer for chiseling between plywood sheets and the tips are squared off, not rounded, to assist the chiseling effort. When these forks become very wide, they can block the driver’s visibility. Therefore, a “peek-a-boo” fork is used. This fork has a shank that is thicker than the blade. At a certain distance above ground level the shank narrows to allow the driver better visibility.